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The Basic Package includes everything you need to set up and conduct ACCESS career-counseling groups within your agency, shelter, school, or practice. New customers need to purchase the Basic Package to get started.

The basic program materials package includes:

  • The ACCESS Facilitator's Curriculum Manual

  • A set of eight Participant Workbooks

  • A CD with ACCESS handouts, power and control wheels, graduation certificates, and program evaluation questionnaires

  • A 12-month, Career Information System (CIS) Program License*

*CIS is an Internet-based career and education exploration program and an essential component of the ACCESS program. New customers need to purchase a license to use the Career Information System (CIS) along with the ACCESS Basic Package. This significantly reduced licensing fee of $250 is charged annually as long as you choose to use ACCESS and CIS.

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Basic Package with CIS license
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additional ACCESS curriculum manual
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CIS annual license

1 year license for Career Information Systems (CIS) platform

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